Family health insurance with one child and parents

Family Health Insurance

Family life is full of challenges, and for many of us having peace of mind that our loved ones’ health is protected is a top priority. A family health insurance plan helps you get quick access to quality private healthcare and protects you against expensive medical bills.

We help you find the right health insurance for your family

Each family is unique and finding the right policy is not always straightforward. Our health insurance experts have years of experience and are here to give you unbiased advice and find a family health insurance that:

  • Fits the needs of all your family’s members
  • Provides the right cover
  • Fits your budget

How we can help your family

UK Health Insurance is an independent insurance broker that offers specialist health insurance advice to families looking for cover.


We compare all available health insurance policies


We get to know your healthcare needs and help you find a policy that meets your requirements


We offer personal health insurance advice


We explain all insurance terms in an easy-to-understand language


We can help you save on your health insurance


We do not charge you for our services

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What does family health insurance cover?

Depending on the insurance provider and the benefits chosen, a family health insurance plan could give you access to benefits that could be particularly important to your family such as:

  • Cover for a parent to stay in hospital overnight when a child is admitted.
  • Additional children added to the plan for free (after the first one).
  • Cover for children even if they don’t live at the same address as you.
  • Family mental health cover.
  • Home nursing cover so that you don’t have to take time off work when one of your family members needs care at home.
  • Access to a virtual GP.

Family health insurance FAQs

What is family private medical insurance?

A family private medical policy protects you, your partner and your children against expensive medical bills when one, or several of you require private medical treatment. Through a private medical insurance plan, you usually get faster access to treatment than through the NHS and more choice when it comes to your healthcare.

How does a family private medical insurance plan work?

With a health insurance plan for families, whenever you or any of your family members require medical treatment, you can access private healthcare and get your medical bills covered by your health insurer once they have approved your claim. In turn, you pay the medical insurance company a monthly or annual premium that covers all your family members.

What is covered by a family medical insurance?

Your health insurance cover will depend on your protection requirements and the health insurance provider selected. Basic health insurance generally provides cover for inpatient treatment, should you or a family member need to be admitted to hospital for one or more nights, and might also include some outpatient cover, where you get treatment from a consultant but don’t require a hospital bed.

More comprehensive private medical insurance policies can include extensive outpatient cover and other optional health benefits such as mental health cover, private GP, home nursing, dental cover and much more.

What are the benefits of a family health insurance plan?

Rather than buying individual health insurance policies for each member of your family, a family plan has the benefit of providing health cover for all your family members under one single policy. Therefore, you could save money and your family’s healthcare is easier to manage.

Does a family private medical plan cover cancer?

Many family private medical policies cover cancer, from diagnosis to treatment. If cancer cover is important to you, we will find the right policy with the right cover for your peace of mind.

What is not covered by a family health insurance plan?

Each medical insurance provider will have their own exclusions, but usually, a family private medical policy doesn’t provide cover for pregnancy and normal childbirth. In addition, treatment for recurring, long-term conditions (chronic) or treatment for conditions and symptoms you had before you started your policy will not be covered either.

Can you include non-family members on your policy?

A family private medical plan is meant to cover your immediate family, including your partner/spouse and your children living at the same address. This means you can’t add any other family or non-family members on your policy, such as grandparents, cousins and aunts/uncles.

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