Switching health insurance

Switching Health Insurance

If you are eligible to switch health insurance policies, we are here to help you so you don’t miss out on a better policy.

Why switch your private medical insurance plan?

There are various reasons why you might decide to switch health insurance. Here are some common ones:

  • Your current health insurance plan no longer provides enough cover for your health needs.
  • Your current health insurance has too many extra benefits you never use.
  • You are not happy with the service you receive from your health insurance company.
  • Your medical insurance policy is too expensive.
  • You believe that better and more suitable health insurance plans might be out there.

We can help you switch your health insurance

As you get older or your personal circumstances may change, your health insurance cover should be reviewed every year to check if it’s still suitable for you.

We can compare all new and old policies against your existing health insurance benefits and check whether the policy you have is the most cost-effective for your needs. As part of our free health insurance check-up…

Why switch health insurance with us

UK Health Insurance has an expert team of specialist health insurance brokers helping people find the right health cover. We can help you switch policies with:


Thorough comparison

We can compare all UK major health insurance providers on the market. If there is a better deal out there for you, rest assured we will find it.


Expert advice

With many years of experience, our friendly health insurance advisers can provide independent and trustworthy expert opinions and help.


Easy switch

We make the switching process quick and straightforward. We will also make sure you understand and are happy with the new policy.


Free service

Our help and support are free of charge. What’s more, there’s no obligation to switch your health cover if you decide you are not ready.

Health insurance advice

On-going support

We want you to always be clear about the cover you have in place so we are here to advise you anytime about your insurance policy.

Don’t just take our word for it…

Are you worried about switching your private medical insurance?

If you already have cover, you might think that by switching health insurance you will lose your cover. Don’t worry, we will advise you to transfer your health insurance only if we think the switch is beneficial to you.

We will listen to your concerns

We will get to know your situation and provide you with expert insurance advice. We will also ensure you can continue to be covered with no interruptions.

We will make sure you don’t lose important cover

Many health insurance companies will allow you to transfer to them and keep the same underwriting terms that you had with your previous insurer. Whilst this may sound complicated, our expert advisers will be able to guide you through this process.

We will go through all the options available

In some cases, it may not even be necessary to change insurers, you may just need to change to another plan from the same company. In any case, we will check you are 100% happy with the new cover before switching.

5 questions to ask yourself before
renewing your health insurance policy

  1. Is your current health insurance policy still relevant to your healthcare needs?
  2. Were you able to use your policy as expected and were you satisfied with the resolution of your claims?
  3. Have you recently reviewed your policy and premiums?
  4. Were you always happy with the service you received from the health insurance company?
  5. Do you think your existing health insurance is worth the premium you are paying?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, you should review your existing health insurance plan and think about alternatives.

Top tips for switching your private medical insurance


1. Never choose your health insurance cover solely on price

More expensive health insurance plans are not necessarily better, and conversely, don’t just go for the cheapest health insurance plan, as it might not provide the cover you need.


2. Ask for cover under the same terms as your current provider

We will ask the new health insurance company if they can offer you cover under the same terms as your previous provider, to ensure that new exclusions are not added to your policy.


3. Switch at renewal

One of the best times to switch health insurance is close to your renewal date. If you choose to switch during your insurance term, your current health insurance company might charge you specific fees.

Are you ready to switch your health insurance?

We can compare all health insurance policies available on the market against your existing health insurance benefits and check whether the policy you have is the most cost-effective for your needs. Request a health insurance quote to start your switch today.

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Are you leaving your company health insurance scheme?

Whether you are changing jobs, leaving your company or retiring, you can keep the security of private health insurance that was previously provided by your employer by moving to a personal plan. We can compare policies and help you switch quickly and effortlessly.

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