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About private medical insurance?

What Can Private Medical Insurance (PMI) Cover?

You can customise your PMI to provide health insurance cover for as much or as little as you need. Some options include:

Out-patient treatments such as consultations and tests

A choice of hospitals (though some providers offer limited cover, which tends to be cheaper, where you have a choice of named hospitals in your area)

Full and comprehensive cancer cover

Nowadays, most policies work on a modular basis. This means that you can add in ‘modules’ or build up ‘packages’ of cover to suit your own requirements.

Is health insurance affordable?

PMI can be very affordable with providers typically offering tiered levels of cover at different prices, enabling you to choose the one that most suits your budget. The cost of your premium will depend on a number of factors including:

Your age

The type of policy you want – do you want cover for hospital (in-patient) stays only or a more comprehensive policy including out-patient treatments or diagnostic tests

How much excess you are willing to pay each time you make a claim - the higher the excess agreed, the lower your premium can be

Your pre-existing health conditions and how many claims you have made, if any, in the past

Types of policies

There are a variety of different schemes on the market:

  • Modular – these allow you to select ‘modules’ for the cover you need and create your own packages
  • Self-pay plans - these plans can cover major in-patient and out-patient conditions giving you the funds for you to choose where you have treatment, whether it is in the UK or abroad
  • Cash plans – these give you cash benefits to help with your treatment which you spend as you wish
  • International plans – these can be used at home and abroad and offer the most comprehensive type of cover available

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