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Seeking private health insurance for the over 50s?

With age, finding the right health insurance cover becomes more difficult as the premiums tend to go up. If you are over 50 and looking for private medical insurance, it’s a good idea to shop around before making a decision.

UK Health Insurance can help you find the right private medical insurance cover for your age and health needs.

  • Save time and remove the hassle. We compare all available UK health insurance plans so you don’t have to.
  • Get tailored insurance advice. We give expert, personal and free health insurance advice to fit your personal circumstances.
  • Make the right decision. We offer an impartial, independent and no-obligation service so you can make a better-informed decision.
  • Get the right price. We can help you save money by finding the right price for your health insurance plan.

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What is private health insurance?

Like any other type of insurance, private health insurance or private medical insurance helps you plan for the unexpected. A health insurance plan is designed to cover your private healthcare costs if you fall ill. In return for paying a premium, the health insurance company agrees to cover your healthcare costs when you make an eligible claim.

Anyone of any age can have health insurance, with minors usually being covered by their parents’ policy. As you grow older and you are more likely to experience various health issues, a private health insurance plan becomes even more important as it gives you the peace of mind that there’s always a safety net in case you or your loved ones need medical care.

A health insurance policy won’t usually cover certain conditions such as accidents and emergencies, organ transplants or chronic and pre-existing conditions among others. That’s why it’s important to get a health insurance early in life when the risk of exclusions is much lower.

How much does health insurance cost?

Health insurance will usually cost you more as you grow older because you are more likely to need medical care than at a younger age. Besides your age, there are other factors that can impact your health insurance premium such as your location, the level of cover, extra benefits or your hospital choice. Some factors are out of your control, but some can be adjusted to fit your needs and budget.

To pick the best policy, it is best to compare several quotes from different insurance providers and get expert advice from a health insurance broker. UK Health Insurance is here to help you find the right cover for your personal circumstances. Get in touch now to discuss your options.

Why should I get health insurance?

Getting older is a part of life and no matter how healthy and strong we might feel, we are all prone to more illnesses in older age. So, it’s important to consider health insurance in order to have the peace of mind that your health is covered before you reach retirement and beyond.

Besides knowing that your private medical costs are covered, you’ll know that if you need medical attention, you can get fast diagnosis and treatment, comfortable hospital accommodation and great choice and control when it comes to how your healthcare is handled.

It’s always best to get health insurance sooner rather than later in life. The earlier you get health insurance (even if you are over 50) the more likely you are to be covered for any conditions that appear after the start of your policy (unless they are part of any pre-existing medical conditions). Get expert advice from UK Health Insurance – we can help you find a policy that meets your healthcare needs.

Can I still get health insurance if I have pre-existing medical conditions?

Whether you are new to health insurance or wanting to switch insurers, a pre-existing condition could limit your choices, however, this doesn’t stop you from getting a health insurance policy, although certain exclusions may apply. We will endeavour to find you the right health plan for your personal situation.

Even if we cannot find cover for your pre-existing conditions, some insurers may agree to cover these after a certain period of no treatment, advice, symptoms and medication.

I am retired; can I still get health insurance?

Yes, even if you are already retired, you can still get private health insurance as this is not affected by your employment status. Talk to us today to see what we can do to find you the most affordable health cover.

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Can I still use the NHS if I buy private health insurance?

Even if you have private medical insurance, your right to access the NHS is still there. In some cases, you will need to rely solely on the NHS such as for accidents and emergencies. The NHS can also pick up your treatment when your condition isn’t covered by your insurance policy.

Looking to cover your entire family?

Family health insurance is an excellent way to protect the health of your loved ones and it’s also a good way to potentially save money by including your partner and/or your children under your policy. Contact us today to get a free, non-obligation quote for your family.

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