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What is a comprehensive sickness insurance (CSI) plan?

A comprehensive sickness insurance (CSI) plan is a type of private health insurance policy that covers you in full when you are admitted in a hospital for medical treatment or investigations (also known as in-patient cover) or when you have diagnostic tests, scans or consultations without being admitted in a hospital (also known as out-patient cover).

Not every private health insurance policy is recognised by the UK Visas & Immigration as a CSI plan, and having the wrong plan in place could mean that your application for UK residency or UK citizenship could be declined by the Home Office.

Our team of expert advisers at UK Health Insurance can help you find the right comprehensive sickness insurance plan for you, that meets the requirements of UK Visas & Immigration while keeping the costs to a minimum.


Do I need comprehensive sickness insurance?

Under EU laws, if you are an EEA national living in the UK as a student or a self-sufficient person (somebody who has sufficient resources not to become a burden on the UK’s social assistance system), the UK can require you to provide proof of comprehensive sickness insurance cover for yourself and your family members.
This is a legal requirement when you are applying for UK permanent residence. You will need this proof of insurance cover throughout the time you have been living in the UK as a student or self-sufficient person. 

How can I apply for comprehensive sickness insurance?

Our helpful team of experts at UK Health Insurance can help you with the application for comprehensive sickness insurance. We compare the prices and the level of cover from all top UK private medical insurance providers and we will advise you on right level of cover for your healthcare needs and budget.

All comprehensive sickness insurance plans on the market need to be taken for at least 12 months and any cancellation of the policy before the first renewal date may lead UK Visas & Immigration to take legal action against you, if they deem necessary. 


How long does it take to get proof of comprehensive sickness insurance?

Our professional UK Health Insurance team can help you apply for CSI over the phone in a matter of minutes and then, depending on the insurance provider, it can take as little as 48 hours for you to receive all documents, showing that you are covered by comprehensive sickness insurance. You can then use these documents when you apply for UK residence/citizenship. 


How much does comprehensive sickness insurance cost?

The price of a comprehensive sickness insurance policy varies from person to person, as it depends on a few things like the dates of birth of all people covered by the policy, the level of cover needed and sometimes even on things like your postcode or your current health.

A quick chat with our friendly team will provide you with personalised CSI quotes from all major UK health insurance providers and will help you choose the right private medical insurance plan. 

When was comprehensive sickness insurance introduced?

Since 20th June 2011, the former UK Border Agency (now UK Visas & Immigration) introduced new guidance for EEA nationals applying for documentation confirming their right to reside in the UK. This requires all applying for UK residence as a student or self-sufficient person to show proof of comprehensives sickness insurance for the last five years of them living and/or working in the UK. 


If I have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), do I still need comprehensive sickness insurance?

According to current EEA laws, a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) can be used as evidence of comprehensive sickness insurance only if you make a declaration that you do not intend to stay in the UK permanently.

If you make this declaration and later try to apply for UK permanent residence, your application may be declined if you fail to show proof of a comprehensive sickness insurance policy.  


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